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Create a Critter Cow

I already have my paper cut on my matte and I have my create a critter cow cricut cartridge, and I’m going to go ahead and first press the cow… the cow, where are you, cow? The cow, and then I’m going to move on. Now, the create a critter cow, you’re going to love this tutorial– because the cow is backwards on… in the handbook, so if you have cut the cow before and been very confused, just go ahead and take a pen right now and put a little arrow. You know, that these are switched, because actually layer one is going to be this cow right here, and layer two is going to be this, uh, cow layer right here, so I haven’t noticed it on any of the other create a critter cuts, but this is like it on the cow, so, uh. ProvoCraft is aware of this situation and they are working on it right now, but if you already have the handbook for create a critter, the current one, it’s not a big deal, just put a little arrow just so you know.

So we’re going to… So we’re going to hit layer one and you can just hit your repeat last. Just hit your repeat last for all the layers, and I want to show you how, you can see that I am right on this one. Okay, hit your line return to bring it up to the top left a little bit. Okay, lets create a critter cow so, it did cut, let me just pull it out for ya. It did cut, this was layer one, and it actually cut layer two, so just remember if you do that, you will be set and good to go and you’ll have no problems. Now we’re going to press Layer 2… wait a minute, no I’m so confused… Okay, no, I’m not confused, that’s what we’re supposed to do. So layer two’s going to cut this one here. Hit “Repeat Last.” I confused myself there a little bit, with all my explainin’.

Okay, now the last cut using our cricut cartridge create a critter cow is going to be this one right here, and we are going to hit, “Layer 3, Repeat Last Cut,” and I’m going to put the cow together and show you my quick scrapbook page using a Critter. I am almost done with my scrapbook page. It’s going to be really one of the easiest scrapbook pages you’ve ever seen me make, because that’s how I scrapbook and since it’s National Scrapbook Day, I get to scrapbook how I normally scrapbook, right?

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