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Cricket Expression Machine

Cricket Expression Machine

Even using the Cricket Expression Machine this is a little tricky here, a little tricky on my part, it’s not really tricky, but this is the icicle punch. I think it’s the icicle punch, um yeah, it’s not the… there’s the icicle and there’s the drippy goo, and this one is the icicle and I cannot line that up correctly, I’m gonna have to fast forward this part. I’m using this as grass. Okay, we’re going to hurry and do this quick with the Cricket Expression Machine, a scrapbook page so I can go to bed! It’s almost midnight and I’m working on my National Scrapbook Day stuff still, but I wanted to get this all done.

Okay, I’m not ready for that yet. I need to adjust the Cricket Expression Machine. Okay, I have a 12×12 piece of cardstock and I have an 8.5X11. This is really the main thing that I do for scrapbooking, is I use a lot of 8.5X11 with 12X12. It gives you a really simple and quick layout. I’m just going to put that right here… you can really put it anywhere you want… and now I’m going to add my grass at the bottom, but I still want a little bit of blue to show at the bottom of that. Add that on here. And look, I have my big barn. Remember how huge this barn was? I don’t know if I included that in this video, but when I first cut out this barn, it was huge- very big! Okay, put that on here. Now I’ve got my cool cricket expression barn… look how easy that is! This is really the best cartridge ever, ever in the history of cartridges and now there’s a stamp set called, “Honeylicious,” that I’m so excited about, to go along with it. That is available for preorder today and it’ll be in stock next week. Yay! I can’t wait. I cannot wait.

Now I have my little expression cow grazing over here. Now we’re gonna slip… so cute, with some little pictures fromt the cricut expression. Okay, now I’ve taken my Gypsy and I’ve used a Pooh font to write the word, “Moovelous… moovelous” and I’m using a Zig Two-Way glue pen, and I am done with my page, all I need to do is add my pictures, and my journaling and I will be done with the page, and I might even make this into a two-page layout, which is what I do a lot. So “moovelous.” Simple, quick, and it’s a fun kid page, okay. I hope you have a “moovelous” National Scrapbook Day! Moo.

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Cricket Scrapbooking

Okay, I’ve reloaded my cricket scrapbooking matte and I’m going to figure this out. Don’t you love it when I make my mistakes on the cricket videos? Because I’m learning as I go, just like a lot of you, and I like to film it so we can do it together. Okay, now what I’ve decided is that the accessory buttons are proportionate to the size of the main cricket scrapbooking image, so the barn is obviously, so if you’re cutting a 4” cow, it’s not going to be a 4” barn, it’s going to be a barn that works with a 4” cow, if that makes any sense at all. So right now I’m just going to kind of guess. I had it at four and a quarter. I’m going to put it at 2” and we’re going to see how big that’ll cut. Now that’s kind of looking, mmm….
Me again! I’ve decided that that cricket scrapbooking barn is too small. So, I’m going to be cutting a 3.75” cow, so I’m going go ahead and cut my barn to be proportionate to that. Okay, so I have the Accessory button on, and I am going to hit the cow, and it’s going to cut it, and it’s going to cut it pretty big. Okay everyone, now I’m gong to cut my cow out and I’m going to cut my cricket scrapbooking at 2.75.” I’m not going to cut it the same as the barn- the barn’s going to be really big. My cricket scrapbooking create a critter cow’s going to be not so big, but that’s okay, that’s how I want it.

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