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Cricket Scrapbooking Machine

Welcome to my blog about designing scrapbooks using the Cricket Scrapbooking Machine.


Cricket Scrapbooking Machine Picture

I will be posting some great scrapbook ideas that go very well with using the cricket scrapbooking machine.  Keep in mind that Provocraft makes several size cutters.  I will be sharing my secret scrapbook techniques in the following weeks.

Cricket Scrapbooking Machine Video


I’m going to start out making our flower.  I will be using “Craftly Speaking”, but I wanted to give you a little more information on  “Walking My Garden”  The other 3 craft flowers that we did we made with a sun flower type flower.  We used one of the original cartridges that ever started out with cricket and it really is great if it is your first time to use the expression or cricket scrapbooking machine.  Cutting out these basic flowers really is the easiest way to start out. I decided to use “Craftly Speaking” and I wanted to show you this one because I want to show you how it esay it is. I was totally surprised to find a craft flower that I liked. This really is a versatile cartridge. I’m showing you the page that I found and cut out the flower with. There really is a wide range of products you can make using this one cartridge. First I will show you how I cut out my flowers. They are very basic and simple to start out with which is really nice.

Cricket Scrapbooking Albums

Hey gals. Just a quick not on cricket scrapbooking ideas. I’ll be post a bunch of info on cricut cartridges next week so stay tuned to my blog. I will also be talking about paper selection for your projects.

Create a Critter

Hi everyone. This is Charlette and this is still one of the National Scrapbook Day Challenges. We had a big event going on and we still have a big event going on at the Create a Critter contest and if you’re watching this video later, feel free to still do this challenge for fun and challenge yourself. Now my challenge is to create something with a critter, animal, creature, whatever you want, just make it fun. I’m going to put together this cricket scrapbookng page while on the video, so I’m kind of making this up as I go, and of course, I’m using Create-a-Critter right here. With this one, I’m going to make a scrapbook page and I’m going to start just mixing this up. What I wanted was to find some grass so what I decided to use for the grass is I’m going to use the Alligator Accessory cut. So I press my accessory Let’s put this up like that. Okay. I’m going to press Accessory right here, accessory and I am going to push the alligator and I’m going to push it a few times, do it three times and I want it to be about, just probably about two inches high and that’s what I’m going to do for that one. Now, I’m also going to make the cow. I’m going to make kind of a farmyard fun page for one of my little boys. Okay, now my Accessory button is still on and I want my barn to be 1, 2, 3, 4, I’m gonna do about four and a half inches– I’m gonna make it kind of a big barn. It’s a big barn. I think– okay. Four and a quarter. I’ll do four and a quarter. So I’m going to press my cow button and let Cricket Scrapbooking do the rest. The create a critter Cow button, and I am doing the bottom part first, because when I hit shift, it’s going to cut the heart out and I thought brown—Oh my goodness! Holy cow! Um, something’s not right there.

————————- continued from cosmo cricket
There it is. So, okay, I like that there. I’m gonna nail that down. I’m probably not doing this like you’re supposed to, but my glue gun’s driving me nuts today. Whoa, I hate it when it does that, it gets to the end and then it drives ya nuts! Okay, better put her down first. Ugh.
Okay, so I’m really excited: I went over to get some glue dots, and this was peekin’ out of my ribbon drawer! Uh, where’s the card, oh. I think it’s from Tina Hill, it’s from a rack she sent; she had this on there, but it’s “perfectamundo.” Isn’t that cute? I love it! Good thing I needed a glue dot. Okay, so then, for the lace, I wanted it kinda rough on the edges, so I just used scissors that, you know, are really more for, are just, you know, I beat those up to a pulp, so they, you know they don’t cut real, don’t cut ribbon real well, or lace, and I kinda chewed the end, which I wanted. Okay, so, I may not do the lollipop.

All right, so… here’s my first real scrapbook page and again, this is Cosmo Cricket Challenge over at Any member is welcome to do it; you can win some Cosmo Cricket paper. You can use any of the Cosmo Cricket the line that you want—old or new or whatever. Um, I used circa 1934, and again, that’s my parents and they became engaged on December 25, 1935, but we think this, it’s either when they’re 18 or 19. They would have been 18 in 1934, so they look pretty young there but um so I just used, I cut the doily out of um the Eastern Light cartridge and the hearts out of the Paisley cartridge, and then I used the this is a Jenny Bolin calendar, Maya Rhode numbers, and then this three came with the Cosmo Cricket kit, that’s a Seven Gypsies little clip five, and then that’s from the kit and again this is—oh the ribbon, the lace, is from my friend Monica Lipscomb. She gets that lace, look at it; it’s gorgeous! She gets it at her dollar store. She brought some for me; I couldn’t believe it and gave it to me when she came to Minnesota. So, and these are from Maya Rhode again, I got my paper at Bloomin’ Scrapbooking, and they had this add-on kit that came with the flowers, oops, some tin-tiny type, and I might put, yeah I might, I’m gonna look at that, putting their names on.

Okay, so I did add, “James loves Jeanne.” I don’t know if you can see that with the tin-tiny type. And then I changed the 35, and I just used both of the Seven Gypsies, um, what are they called? These are Avignon paper clips. Duh. So I just, I did change that, using the three, the same ones. I do like, I really like my layout, so, for my first one, I’m not too disappointed in myself, but anyways, thanks for watching. Bye!

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  • I picked up my first cutter last month. It just so happens to be the cricket scrapbooking machine. I do have a question about how to come up with scrap book ideas.

  • Kaybear:

    I was visiting my sister and she uses the cricket expression. She is very talented and the scrapbooking ideas she comes up with are great.

  • Scrapbooker:

    I used the “DON JUAN New Cricut Create Expression” cartridge on my craft project for a class project. It fairly diverse for all kinds of craft projects. Another good cartridge is ” Cricut Just Because Cards Cartridge”, great for for any card crafts.

  • Chilli Willie:

    Good info on the Cricket Scrapbooking Machine.

  • The Scrapper:

    I just bought a very wide selection of papers for my cricket scrapbooking machine.

  • CeeLee:

    I went to Walmart to look to see if they had a scrapbooking machine. They did carry several items so I recommend you ladies check out the scrapbook section of Walmart.

  • Sara Jones:

    My sister did a review of the cricket scrapbooking machine for her school website. The papers she used during the project were very vivid. Keep posting info please.

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